Young Women Getting Started in Cybersecurity

Young Women Getting Started in Cybersecurity

Sindhura Gade, a cybersecurity engineer at Avast, gives advice to young women based on her own experience

Being an engineer in the cybersecurity space means working on finding answers to potential security threats and finding better ways to safeguard our families.

Personally Identifiable Information Is Online

Personal Identifiable Information Online

Your personally identifiable information is online for anyone to see, but here’s how you can get it under control

In this post we’re sharing information on why you need to protect your personal data online, how that data is collected, and what you can do to minimize its collection. We’re not talking about intimate photos

Fraud and social media sites

Fraud and Social Media Sites

FBI expert tells the Avast Blog about fraud related to social media and dating sites, the second-costliest type of cybercrime

Fight Robocalls

Hounded by weird robocalls? Learn how to respond to calls from scammers with our list of the latest tips and tools.