40,000 Burmese refugees homeless

An urgent note from Bob Fu

 Burmese refugees taken in by House CHurch
Burmese refugees taken in by
House Church

Ongoing armed conflicts in north Burma’s Kachin state have left as many as 40,000 Burmese refugees homeless on the China-Burma border without food, medicine or warm clothing!

The majority are Christians of the Jingpo minority group and about 25,000 have fled into China side of border with Burma to seek shelter and refuge.  But, the Chinese local government refuses to help!

And, there appears to be little chance for a ceasefire of the armed conflict between Burmese government troops and the KIA that first broke out on June 9, 2011, leaving them without proper clothing or sufficient food to survive!

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China House Church Christian relief workers, working with ChinaAid, in the border camps said the refugees want to return to their homes in the mountains but cannot do so because of the fighting.

Their numbers are on the rise, and they lack food, medicine and basic living supplies.  One camp reports they have over 400 children!  House Church Christians in that area are trying their best to help them.

Help provide food, medicine and basic living supplies; click here to help

Temporary shelter for the refugees

The pastor of the Yingjiang church said:

“I feel extremely sad whenever I think about those solders fighting everywhere heedless of people’s lives, and farmers who cannot farm, and women and children who are being capriciously treated.  It is troubling to see those refugees who do not even have adequate food and clothing.

We will try our best to help them, but what we can do is  limited.  Therefore, we call upon people around us and loving brothers and sisters to help these refugees and pray for them.”

For every $3.20 a person can be feed for a day!

The situation in Kachin is already getting out of hand, and could get worse due to cold weather.  With a shortage of warm clothes, nutritional foods and medicines, the chance for the spread of epidemic diseases is high.  The Sino-Burmese border is quickly becoming the site of a humanitarian crisis!

For every $14 a winter blanket can be given to one person; Click here to help!

Will you join with the Christians in Kachin and Yunnan to help our brothers and sisters and their children survive along the China-Burma Border as refugees?

Right now, local Christians in Yunnan are distributing winter clothes, foods and medicines.

Can I count on your help?  Please help by making a generous gift today!

Each gift provides:

  • $14 buys a winter blanket for one person; $28 buys two blankets for two people;
    $70 give five people blankets!
  • $9.60 feeds 3 people for a day; $28.80 feeds 9 people; $57.60 feeds 18; and
    $96 feeds one person for a month!
  • $330 builds one shelter for a family; $660 helps two families and $990 builds
    three shelters for 3 families!

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ChinaAid Contacts
Bob Fu, CAA Founder and President
Tel: (267) 205-5210, or Bob@ChinaAid.org
Mark Shan, CAA Spokesperson
Website: www.ChinaAid.org and www.MonitorChina.org


Disclaimer: MrHerrera is not associated with ChinaAid or MonitorChina. This information is provided to help spread the word of these refugees and to garner aid for them. MrHerrera does not receive any remuneration from these organizations nor from this post.


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