A man of faith, honesty, and humility

Larry Burkett was a man of  faith, honesty, and humility.  On July 4, 2003, Larry Burkett went home to God. Larry Burkett founded Christian Financial Concepts (CFC), based in Gainesville, Georgia, in 1976. Although, I never had the pleasure of meeting Larry Burkett, I came to read several of his books and learned of  CFC, which later became Crown Financial Ministries. According to those who knew Larry Burkett, he “lived his faith in God and shared his substantial knowledge of the Bible.”

Why am I bringing up Larry Burkett? Not because today is the anniversary of his death, but because of the following, which came from Robert Sutherland’s blog post  “Remembering Larry Burkett”:

He often said his message wasn’t any different than what our great-grandparents were taught:

  • trust God and believe that He provides for His children
  • live within your means
  • save for emergencies
  • don’t go into debt
  • or pay off your debt as soon as possible
  • keep your word: pay your bills on time and in full
  • share with those in need
  • honor God with all that you have and
  • use a portion of your income to fund your Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church.

You can see that if you apply these nine principles to your life you will get ahead financially and spiritually. I would add reading your Bible and praying to God should be those principles as well.


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