Before “I Do”

Before "I Do"

Getting married is an exciting and romantic time, but it’s important not to let those feelings blind you to the financial reality that comes with joining your finances with your spouse. Money can be a major source of conflict in a marriage, and it’s essential to understand and plan around each other’s debts and financial goals before saying, “I do.”

Start by sitting down together and being transparent about any debt you may have, including credit cards, student loans, or car payments. It’s also crucial to discuss your yearly incomes, savings, and spending habits. From there, you can work together to create a financial plan that works for both of you.

It’s also important to consider how you’ll approach joint finances once you’re married. Will you open a joint bank account, or keep separate accounts while splitting bills evenly? Discussing these issues beforehand can save you both a lot of stress and frustration down the line.

Remember, getting on the same page about money does not have to be a buzzkill. By having open and honest conversations about finances before you say, “I do,” you’ll be setting yourselves up for a solid and stress-free financial future together.


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