Cash for Healthcare

In this day and age, there are several individuals who do not have health insurance and cannot afford health insurance. So what happens when you have an illness that you cannot pay for or which your insurance company does not pay? There are a couple of web sites that can actually help you out, YouCaring, GiveForward and Fundly help users pay bills by allowing givers to securely donate money, anywhere from $1.00 on up. Many of the sites connect user accounts to Twitter and Facebook, so that donations can be instantly solicited.

However, before you go out and start your campaign on these sites, you need to learn what fees are going to be charged by each site and how quickly they’ll transfer the funds. Some sites take up to 7% of the donations as a fee and other sites will only transfer the money after the set goal has been reached. Another idea is to create a page on a free web hosting site and add a PayPal donation button to your account. Also, check with a tax professional to see if there are any tax consequences or if the donations will affect any public assistance you might be receiving.


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