Budget Binder

Budget Binder

In case some of you want to use a Budget Binder, I found this site that offers you a free download of the sheets that go into the budget binder. These sheets are as follows:

Cover Sheet
Debt Tracker
Savings Tracker
Monthly Bills
Monthly Expenses
Financial Goals
Savings Goals


I was reading a book, Money: God or Gift, by Jamie Munson. In the book, he talks about five different approaches to budgeting. The Ignorance Is Bliss Plan The Parent Bailout Plan The Credit Card Plan The Hand-to-Mouth Plan The Real Plan The first plan is based upon you going to your ATM and checking…


Are you budget percentages out-of-whack? Do your expenses look something like this: Expenses  % Credit cards 44% Housing 28% Food 15% Utilities 15% Transportation 15% Other 10% 127% When in fact they should look like this: Category  Recommended % Tithe & Charitable Gifts 10-15% Savings 5-10% Housing 25-35% Utilities 5-10% Food 5-15% Transportation 10-15% Clothing…

New budget forms

The Monthly Budget form is now titled Money Blueprint. You can get it from the Resources page. I also created a Bank Reconciliation form. You can get it from the Resources page. The forms automatically show you how much should go into your envelopes.

Why be debt-free?

Have you asked yourself, “Why be debt-free?” If yes, then you need to ensure that you are wanting to be debt-free for the right reason. God does not want you to be burdened by debt. He wants you to be debt-free, so you will not be a slave to the lenders. He wants to be…