Christmas decorations in August?

Who would have thought that stores would start selling Christmas decorations in August. The other day, I was at a Sam’s Club and saw Christmas decorations all over the store. It was unbelievable! I love Christmas because it is the time of year we celebrate our Savior’s birth. The commercialization of Christmas is truly repulsive to me. Stores have hijacked Christmas. No longer is Christmas about Christ’s birth.

To merchants it means how soon they can start exploiting the holiday with sales. I guess the sooner they start promoting Christmas trees and other decorations the sooner people will began to part with their hard-earned money or pull out their plastic to get deeper in debt to buy gifts for someone they don’t like who will forget what they gave them.

How did we let this happen? Christmas is not about how decorative our homes look or about how many presents are under the Christmas tree. Nor is Christmas about whether we bought the “right” gift for someone. Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. Christmas is the birth of hope for our salvation. How do we take Christmas back?


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