Cursed land

Lamech said, “I’ll name him Noah because he will give us comfort,[a] as we struggle hard to make a living on this land that the Lord has put under a curse.” – Genesis 5:29 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

The sixth verse of our financial stewardship journey deals again with the struggles of mankind as we try to make a living on a land which God has cursed. Lamech was hoping for Noah to bring them comfort. Noah following God’s instruction saved his wife, his sons, their wives, and the animals by being obedient to God and building an ark. In Noah’s time, the people had turned bad and everything they thought and did was evil. Therefore, God destroyed them.

Noah and his family did survive the flood. However, they still struggled to earn a living on the land. You see God’s curse did not flush away with the flood. It stayed on and is still here. We still struggle daily to earn a living. Hard work is a fact of life on this earth. All we can do is set our eyes on God, accept Jesus, and wait for the day we die to be go to heaven.

  1. 5.29 Noah. . . comfort: In Hebrew “Noah” sounds like “comfort.”
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