Dad inspires teens to make 33,000 burritos for the homeless

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Last edited Fri Jun 7, 2013, 08:41 AM USA/ET – Edit history (1)How 1 dad inspires teenagers to make 33,000 burritos for the homelessIt all started during the 2010 holiday season when Alec Johnson, then 12, gave his parents a fairly lavish Christmas wish list. “I asked for an iPad, iPhone and MacBook.” He says his dad was surprised and said, “I would never buy that for you because all the other people on the street could never get that.”

“I didn’t want to raise a spoiled child,” says Alec’s dad, Michael. “So we decided to take some steps to give him a little bit more of an education about the realities of life.”

It was then that Michael and his wife Mehrnaz, came up with an idea to help by feeding the homeless. On a December Sunday, in their small kitchen, the Johnsons and Alec’s friend Luke made 54 egg and cheese burritos and went to downtown San Diego to feed the homeless. Initially, Alec wasn’t completely sold on the idea. “I first thought it was actually a punishment to teach me a lesson, but it turned out to be fun.”

That was more than 130 Sundays and over 33,000 burritos ago. Every Sunday for the past two-and-a-half years, they have been a downtown staple. The group expanded from two boys to seven, and they formed the non-profit Hunger2Help, Kids Taking Action. Each Sunday, the boys, fondly known as the “Burrito Boyz,” and a group of regular volunteers made up of kids and adults, start their morning at dawn to crack, scramble and wrap 450 egg burritos, then head downtown where hundreds of men and women line up waiting.



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