Dickie: Fake It Till You’re Broke







September 21, 2012

Dickie: Fake It Till You’re Broke

The Washington Times is running an important op-ed piece by Crown President Robert Dickie III calling for a national discussion on the epidemic of financial illiteracy in America:

A national crisis in financial education contributes to the current willingness to embrace buy-now-pay-later logic, whether the spender is Uncle Sam on a spree with taxpayer dollars and a credit card from China or any average household, where “budget” is just a word on a child’s spelling test. Financial strain and growing personal and national debt have a stranglehold on Americans in a sluggish economy that has crawled for 43 months with higher than 8 percent unemployment…

Financially ignorant, many Americans have no idea how to impact their financial health…We can’t expect people with zero financial skills to make insightful choices or engage effectively in teaching their children about money. It’s time for a national discussion of skills and tools that are just as important as reading, writing and arithmetic…

As a nation — whether in schools, churches or halls of government — it is time to seriously address the financial-education deficit that is contributing to our current decline.

Please help us get the word out about this vital topic by forwarding this message to family and friends and encouraging them to read the entire editorial at The Washington Times. Thanks for your help!

Chuck Bentley


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