Don’t die intestate

Please don’t die intestate. This means that you die without a will. Bad things happen to your relatives when you die intestate.

According to Forbes:

“If you die intestate–meaning without a proper will or living trust–your assets will be divvied up according to the law in the state where you live…

Some states have stuck to the traditional approach of giving a one-third share to the spouse, with the children dividing the rest. Others give spouses one-half. Mississippi gives an equal share to the surviving spouse and each child; if there are nine children, the spouse gets a measly one-tenth of the estate…

Even if you have no kids, your spouse may not get everything; in some states, the deceased spouse’s parents, siblings, nieces or nephews and even more distant relatives receive a cut.”


Many of us avoid getting a will because

  1. we don’t think we have enough assets;
  2. wills are only for rich people
  3. doing a will is tempting fate and death will follow right away
  4. we’re too young to need a will.

Let’s look at each of these closely. You might not have a lot of assets, but if you are married and have children you need a will. Otherwise, the state will decide who will raise your children. If you’re single and don’t have any relatives, then you probably don’t need a will. As mentioned earlier, wills do not just address your wealth. They address your family. Therefore, a will is not just for the rich. You might die shortly after you make your will. This could happen, as we don’t know when God will call us home. However, if you have your will in place, your wishes will be adhered to and you will have provided for your family. Age doesn’t matter when drawing up a will. If you have a family or assets, you need a will.

To me, the best way to get a will and revocable living trust done is through an attorney who practices in your state and is familiar with your state’s law. However, it does cost money for their expertise. While it’s true that you can do a will yourself by using places such as RocketLawyer or Legalzoom, I personally think you should spend the money to get it done right. Hire an attorney. The bottom line is don’t die intestate. Get your will done through an attorney or if you can’t afford one, then use a do-it-yourself place. Just get it done.



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