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Dryer died

Yesterday, just when I was beginning the wash, the Maytag dryer died. It simply would not spin. We tried everything we could think of to get it going to no avail. It was dead. Time to buy another one. I checked BestBuy, Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears. It seemed that BestBuy had the better price.

Now, if we did not have a major appliance repair/replace fund, we would be reaching for a credit card to buy our new dryer. Since we do have that in place, we did not worry. Off to BestBuy we went. When we got there, we found an LG for $709.99. It was $100 off. Not too bad of a price, but not really the dryer I wanted. When the salesperson came over, we asked if he had  a gas one in stock. No, they did not. He said they might not have any gas dryers at all in stock.

PANIC! I need to get the wash done. I did not want to go all over town looking for a dryer. He agreed to look and see if he had any in stock. He checked on the floor and right around from where the first LG was at, was another LG. This was a gas dryer! YEAH. The price unfortunately was $999. It was on sale for $100 off. I asked if he had that one in stock or if the floor model was the only one available. He said the floor model was it. Then, clever little me asked if he’d give us a discount on the floor model. Sure he replied, let me see what I can do. Off he went and came back and said he’d knock-off another $100.  We liked that price. This was the new type of front- load dryer with the steam dry. Evidently, this is the latest and greatest thing in dryers. We bought it and home we went to install it.

The dryer is installed and working great!  We did not have to use plastic and incur interest charges. We also saved $200 on the dryer. Don’t be afraid to ask for a deal. Stores can often give you money off of their products, especially if you’re paying in cash. The best way to fund your major appliance repair/replace fund is to set aside about 3%-5% of the value of your home into an account to cover these items and home maintenance, e.g. roof repair, house painting, air conditioner repair/replacement.


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