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Earn 13% to 29% interest

During this time with extremely low interest on savings accounts, money market accounts, mutual funds, and other financial instruments, you are hard pressed to earn 13% to 29% interest or more. However, there is one place where you can get these returns. That place is your credit cards. If you are carrying a balance on the credit cards, you are paying out these ridiculous high interest rates. When you payoff your credit cards, you are now earning that return for yourself.

No longer are you paying the credit card companies that rate. You are keeping the money for yourself because isn’t not paying the high interest out saving you that high interest? You can earn 13% to 29% interest or more depending on the interest rates being charged by your credit card companies. Give yourself a high interest rate this year on your money. Begin to payoff your credit cards and save money this year. Today is the first day of a new year. It is the day to make a change. Take charge of your finances instead of charging up your credit cards. The new year beckons for a change.

Imagine not having credit card debt. Imagine taking those credit card payments and instead of having to pay the money to the credit card companies, you are investing that money towards your retirement, your children’s college fund, your mortgage payment, etc. Doesn’t this sound like something you want? Then, start today.

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