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In a prior post, I mentioned some money apps. I am going to post these in multiple posts, to make it shorter to read. Well, here are some more for you, which are totally free:
17 Free Money Apps

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In a prior post, I mentioned some money apps. I am going to post these in multiple posts, to make it shorter to read. Well, here are some more for you, which are totally free:

  1. Money Manager ( 4.8/5 rating) helps you track your financial activity efficiently. Its simple design makes it lightweight, straightforward and very easy to use. It’s done in one click, because you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. You need just a few SECONDS daily to save the amount and each spending purpose. No matter where you are just a couple of taps will save your expense.

    Key features:
    Easy to Use, Clean and Intuitive Expense & Income Tracker
    • Intuitive and easy to use user interface. No redundancy Add new records extremely fast.

    Tracking Expenses and Incomes
    • Easily record the transaction to track where your money comes and goes.

    The Whole Picture in One Place
    • Clear view on your financial life. Better understand where your money comes and goes with visualized reports about income, expense by time and category.

    Spending / Income Pie Chart
    • See your spending distribution on the nice and informative chart or get, view your transactions grouped by categories.

    Budget and Bill Organizing
    • Organizing bills by week, month and year as well as by categories.Record all items in a single transaction with different category and amount.

    • Set reminders to remind you to record transactions every day.

    No Advertising, Without limitation Features, Free
    • Money Manager can be used for Free, without ads and no features restriction.


    • English
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Hindi
    • Indonesian
    • German
    • French

    Money management is always complicated and most of the time you get to wonder where did all your money go, luckily, our simple personal finance app can helps you easily manage your money and keep track of your expense. You can stay on top of your money anytime, anywhere.


  2. Receipt Lens-Expense Tracking & Reporting (4.3/5 rating)

    Getting tired of manually inputting expenses?
    Getting tired of wasting time on spreadsheets?
    Try Receipt Lens NOW – your ultimate time-saver and virtual accountant at your fingertips.

    – Just snap a picture of a receipt and Receipt Lens automatically reads and exports all the details for you.
    – Instantly create expense reports on the go and never miss anything for reimbursement
    – Travel, grocery shopping, utilities and more. Receipt Lens recognizes almost all types of receipts, bills, and invoices.

    Key Features:

    Tracks expenses automatically
    -Instantaneous and accurate transcription of receipt images
    -Easily recognizes any type of receipts from anywhere
    -Accurately records detailed info on receipts like date, merchant, tax, tips, currency, and more

    Organizes expenses effortlessly
    -Automatically recognizes the expense type and categorizes your receipt
    -You can customize categories and create folders to easily separate business receipts from your personal expenses
    -Simple and intuitive user interface.

    Generates and exports your report instantly
    -Generates your personal and business expense report within seconds
    -Exports your expense report (with original receipt images) to Mail, Quickbook and more.
    -Can share your expense report to your company for reimbursement or to friends for shared expenses

    Great for small businesses, accountants, or anyone who wants to track expenses effortlessly. Download Receipt Lens now and try it on your next expense. Just snap a pic of the receipts, and Receipt Lens will do the rest for you!

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