Get $150

In order to get $150, go to Motif Investing and open an account with them. According to their web site:

Invest in a wealth of ideas
Now you can invest in the trends, issues, and values that matter to you—from clean technology and connected cars, to the fight against cancer. Step up to a new world of investing, built around you.

Customized portfolio

Choose from 150+ professionally built motifs based on a theme, or build one based on your own interests

Maximized returns

Trade up to 30 stocks in a motif for just $9.95. Enjoy low commissions, and no ongoing fees.

The ultimate control

See and understand exactly what you own, with one-click trades, advanced tools, and a user friendly platform to elevate your portfolio.
At Motif, individual investors, as well as Motif, create portfolios called Motifs with up to thirty stocks or ETFs that represent specific investment ideas. You can buy whole portfolios comprised of up to 30 stocks or ETFs in one trade for only $9.95. If you want to buy a single stock, it’ll cost you $4.95 per trade. The reviews for Motic appear to be anywhere from four stars to five stars. Do your homework before you invest at Motif or anywhere else.
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