Health and Finances affect work productivity

Did you know that if you have financial concerns it will affect your work productivity? According to the June 2010 issue of Benefits Selling magazine, 65% of employees who are in poor or fair health are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Thirty-four percent who are in good health are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Forty-three percent of those who are in fair to poor health anticipate that their financial situation will deteriorate in six months. While 12 percent of those in good health anticipate that their financial situation will deteriorate in six months.

Employers say that 65% of their employees who are worried about personal finances affect their work productivity. Also, 52% of employers believe that financial issues affect absenteeism. Thus, decreasing productivity. Employees who have financial worries are 25% more distracted at work. Fifty-six percent of employees are worried about making ends meet. Only 37% of employees feel confident to make sound financial decisions.

How can employers help their employees and increase productivity? They can do it by providing Financial Wellness classes to their employees. Crown Financial Ministries offers different programs that an employer can offer to their employees to help them eliminate debt, create a spending plan, etc. This programs can be done at home by their employees or the employer can offer a one day six hour seminar or other classes all available through Crown to help their employees. Ultimately, they can both win by taking charge or they can both lose by ignoring the problem.


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