Holding China Accountable

he coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot throughout our society. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are worried about how to put food on the table. Our high school seniors and those in higher education are unable to attend their graduations in person
Holding China Accountable
May 30, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot throughout our society. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are worried about how to put food on the table. Our high school seniors and those in higher education are unable to attend their graduations in person, and worst of all, we have lost more than 100,000 of our fellow Americans to this virus.

Holding China Accountable

I’ve said from the very beginning of this pandemic that the Chinese communist government must be held accountable for the pain it’s inflicted across the world, in the United States, and across Arizona.

Click HERE to watch Sen. McSally address China’s role

The Chinese communist government destroyed samplessilenced doctorskicked journalists out of the country, and lied to the world as part of an elaborate cover-up to minimize the impact and spread of coronavirus. The sad fact is that the United States, along with the rest of the world, could have implemented prevention measures months before this became a global crisis had the Chinese communist government been forthcoming about the severity of this virus.

The United States and the rest of the world has incurred trillions of dollars in economic damage and more than 38 million Americans have lost their jobs.

This is why I’ve introduced a bill with Sen. Blackburn and Sen. Daines to allow Americans to file lawsuits against the Chinese communist government for its role in perpetuating the spread of coronavirus. The legislation builds on existing law in the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and eliminates sovereign immunity for states that spread biological agents.

While this will by no means reverse the devastation of the ongoing pandemic, it will at least provide Americans with a slice of justice against the communist regime. I will continue working in the U.S. Senate to create an all-of-the-above approach using all elements of national power to hold the communist Chinese government accountable.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

May is usually full of graduation celebrations, barbecues, and pool parties. While we continued to honor our next generation, graduation ceremonies across the country have taken on a completely different look and feel.

I want to congratulate the Class of 2020 for their accomplishments. I know you haven’t had the senior year that you had hoped for — missing proms, sporting events, and just being able to hangout with your friends. But you should be proud of your accomplishments, look at the positives in this situation like learning how to find new and innovative ways keep in touch with your friends over distances. Remember that it is up to you to bloom where you are planted – you will thrive and meet your full potential.

Click HERE to watch Sen. McSally’s address the Class of 2020

Keeping in Touch With Arizonans

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak I have worked hard to make sure that Arizonans have the resources and help they need to survive this unprecedented situation – both medically and economically. So far throughout this pandemic I have held nine telephone town halls and spoken to more than 160,000 Arizonans.

From understanding the needs of our small business community for the Paycheck Protection Program, to the needs of our frontline heroes in our hospitals, these calls allow me to stay in touch with Arizonans so that I can be the most effective advocate on behalf of people like you in Washington, D.C. 

As always, please visit my website at this link if my office can assist you with a problem with a federal agency like the VA, Social Security, or Medicare. You can also find coronavirus related resources on my website by clicking this link.

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