How much is enough?

Howard Hughes was once asked, “How much is enough?” (referring to his billions of dollars). Hughes’ reply was, “Just a little bit more.” You see as humans we are never satisfied with what we have. We always want just a little bit more.

When you receive your paycheck, you might wish you had a little bit more to pay all your bills. However, we must change our way of thinking. We must stop wanting just a little bit more and start spending a little less.

If you get a raise at work, instead of incorporating that money into in your budget, I challenge you to first tithe from that increase and save the remaining 90%. This is provided you are already covering all of your needs with your current income.

If you save the increase, you will be able to save faster towards your 8-12 months emergency fund. If your emergency fund is fully funded, then start investing your money into an Roth IRA or an IRA, so that you will have money when you retire.

If you are already fully funding your retirement account, then start saving money for children’s college. If you do not have children or their college is fully funded, then consider contributing this money to charitable organizations. God gave us the excess in order to be able to take care of His children who are less fortunate.


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