I can’t budget because I have irregular income

If you have avoided creating a budget/spending plan/cash flow plan, because, “I can’t budget because I have irregular income.” You my friend could not be more wrong. You are more in need of a budget/spending plan/cash flow plan than anyone else. You are probably saying, “Well, how can I budget if I don’t know how much money I will bring home each month?” Right? Wrong, your budget will be based as follows:

  1. Find out how much money you brought in last year.
  2. Divide the total amount by 12.
  3. This gives you a very good approximation of your monthly income.
  4. Then, use this budget/spending plan/cash flow plan to enter in your expenses and income [wpdm_file id=2].

You now have a budget! See it was not that hard. Also, on those months that you earn more don’t go off and spend it. You need that money for the months where you won’t earn as much. Make sure you stick to the monthly income allocation you created. This will ensure that you have money throughout the year.



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