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I Ceded Legal Ownership of My Company to God, and Never Looked Back

Stanley Tam: I Ceded Legal Ownership of My Company to God, and Never Looked Back

After watching the video, reflect on these questions:

1. How do you react to Stanley’s decision to turn over 100% of his business to God? Does it seem crazy, scary, inspiring or something else?

2. Stanley talked about hearing God speak to him. How do you cultivate a listening ear to hear God speak to you?

3. What positives and negatives do you see resulting from turning a business over to God?

4. Obedience played a major role in Stanley’s life. If God asked you to do something that seemed crazy, are you willing to respond obediently? Have you already had the opportunity?

5. What keeps more people from giving their businesses to God? What keeps you from giving yours?

Four thriving companies bespeak Stanley Tam’s business success, yet his prosperity is the result of a long and sometimes twisting journey of faith. Starting his company in the 1930’s, he was at one point nearly bankrupt. Nevertheless, he submitted his business to God with such commitment that he hired an attorney to cede legal ownership of his company to Christ. Stanley now gives millions each year to causes of the Great Commission, secure in his faith that God calls us first, and only after we act obediently does He supply us with the means to fulfill the calling.


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