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Improving America

Improving America

How do we go about improving America? The way I see it we have gone from an exporting nation to an importing nation. Let’s face it, the majority of our items are manufactured abroad.

Companies complain that they cannot afford to hire Americans because of labor unions, minimum wage standards, health insurance, retirement, workman’s compensation, etc. The products are then made in China, India, or some other foreign nation. Then, the products are shipped back to the US. Large barges/ships arrive at our harbors loaded with products made in China and depart empty.

If our lawmakers had any backbones, they would impose a huge tariff on these products, say 40%. Then, companies would be forced to produce products here in the US. We don’t need unions. There could be standards set that allow for a comfortable wage and benefits. If products were produced in the US, then factories would have to be built or re-opened. Employees would be hired. These newly hired workers would stop collecting unemployment or be employed instead of struggling to feed their families. They would then be able to buy goods and services. It is simple economics. People would get off the government dole.

Another thing to do is to eliminate income taxes. Instead, a national sales tax should be imposed. Everything except medicine and maybe services would be subject to the tax. You would eliminate all the extra taxes imposed, property taxes, school board taxes, vehicle taxes, etc. By doing this, more revenue would be collected. Why, because now everyone is paying a tax. This would hit your illegal businesses. No, I don’t mean that you would tax their illegal activity. That my friend is an impossibility. However, whenever they purchases anything they would pay a tax.

Another thing to do is to STOP giving away our tax dollars to foreign nations, especially those who hate us and don’t need our money. Why are we giving money to Arab nations that are already collecting millions of dollars from the sale of oil to us?

We should stop paying farmers to not grow certain items to avoid an influx of the products. Excuse me, isn’t that what capitalism is all about? Competition creates lower prices.

By the way, the last time I checked our nation was a democratic country not a socialist country. Why is our current government imposing all these socialistic measures upon us?

Folks, we have to look back at our history and see what made this country great. It was the freedoms of religion, of speech, etc. But above all it was our belief and trust in God that made America great. It was our support of Israel. The bible clearly states in Genesis 12:3,4 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse. America, for years, has stood by Israel, but now it seems that we are beginning to turn our backs on Israel. This is another mistake that we cannot afford.

Have you noticed that since we have pushed God out of schools our schools have gone to pot? We need metal detectors and police officers in our schools. Children are carrying guns and killing their classmates and teachers. We don’t teach our children the ten commandments. We don’t enforce discipline in our schools. Gone are the days when children were paddled by their teachers or the principal and when being sent to the principal’s sent fear down your back. American children excelled in academics. Now, sadly they are at the bottom of the pole.

I don’t think we can continue down this path. We need to put our citizens back to work; we need to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in our government; we need to pull America back from the precipice on which it stands and we need to support our churches so they can take over in providing for those in need. Welfare is not our government’s obligation.

We also need to eliminate several of the government agencies that abound, starting with GSA, IRS, etc. We need to remove all these dumb restrictions that prohibit an agency from purchasing items at a lower cost because they are not on some approved GSA list! Give me a break! Why should an agency pay twice as much for a piece of software or product only because they are not on some approved GSA vendor list? Also, several of the government agencies. computer systems and software need to modernized. It’s a joke to see that some agencies are running Novell or Office 2003.

Let’s elect some people to Congress and the presidency with the backbone needed to put these measures in place. We need to go back to what made this nation great!

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