Instant Gratification

We in American live in a culture today of instant gratification. We have instant coffee, fast food, quick marts, fast pay, etc. Worst of all is the fact that we are able to use credit cards to satisfy our wants and desires. By using plastic we can get instant gratification. We don’t have to wait until we have saved up the money in order to purchase the new T.V., new stereo, new clothes, new shoes, new toys, etc. Out comes the card and we happily and stupidly say, “Put it on the card.” If the card is declined, no problem we pull out another one and say, “Here try this one. I can’t imagine what’s wrong with that other card.”

You know exactly what’s wrong with that other card. You have maxed it out. There is no more credit available. You used it to satisfy your instant gratification in the past. I bet you can’t even remember what you bought. When the bills come in, you see the balances due and you look at the amount of money on your paycheck. There is a huge gap between them. You owe more than what you make or what you can afford to pay on them this month.

As Christmas fast approaches, please stop and think before you pull out that card to pay for gifts that no one will remember next year. Be honest, can you recall what you received for Christmas last year or the year before? Most probably, you do not. The same holds true for those to whom you gave gifts. Stop giving yourself instant gratification with tomorrow’s money today. Instead, get on a spending plan, cut up your credit cards and don’t use them, start putting money away in an emergency fund, even a few dollars each month add up in the long run. Live using cash only and stick to the budget. You won’t be able to get instant gratification, but you will be happier when you actually have money saved.


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