Isaac grew richer

Isaac’s treaty with the Philistines

“Isaac planted grain in that land and reaped one hundred shearim[a] that year because the Lord had blessed him.  Isaac grew richer and richer until he was extremely wealthy. He had livestock, both flocks and cattle, and many servants. As a result, the Philistines envied him.” – Genesis 26:12-14

Finally, Abimelech said to Isaac, “Move away from us because you have become too powerful among us.” – Genesis 26:16


In today’s financial verse, we see that Abraham’s descendant, his son Isaac, became very rich. God’s blessing was passed onto him. However, his wealth caused envy amongst those who did not believe in the Lord. When we believe in the Lord, we do not necessarily grow rich. However, others do envy us. They envy the peace that we have with ourselves. We need to be willing to share God’s love and provisions with others. We plant the seed of God’s love in them. God brings them to Him, not us.


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