No Terrorist Refugees Petition

Take a moment to sign the No Terrorist Refugees Petition. Be informed and read below:

Word has leaked that Obama and the United Nations have cooked up a stealthy plan to resettle up to 480,000 Syrian “refugees” over the next few years — with at least 100,000 making their way to the continental U.S.

It’s far more than the 10,000 “refugees” that President Obama has ALREADY imported into the U.S. ahead of schedule.

Possibly up to ten times larger.

All under the radar of Congress with ZERO media coverage.

Even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) already admitted these “refugees” are “not safe.”

I’m doing everything I can to expose the TRUTH behind this dangerous global effort to import potential radical Jihadists into America.

And today I’m asking you to join me by taking a public stand against the Obama-U.N. “refugee” scheme by signing the No Terrorist Refugees Petition right away.

On March 30th, the United Nations held a “high-level meeting” to discuss various loopholes in the legal system to admit more Syrian “refugees” inside the United States.

They’re laying the groundwork for so-called “alternative safe pathways” to resettle “refugees” without actually calling them “refugees.”

Reading through the website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the devil is in the details:

“The purpose of the meeting was to explore mechanisms for the admission of Syrian refugees that could be adopted by States to relieve the pressure on countries currently hosting large numbers.”

This is a joint operations effort between the United Nations and Obama’s State Department to explicitly “encourage Syrians to come to the U.S. without going through this laborious, time-consuming process of refugee resettlement.”

Their idea is to apply the same “path to citizenship” (AMNESTY) you and I saw in the infamous Gang of Eight bill in 2013 to approve a surge in so-called Syrian “refugees.”

“These pathways can take many forms: not only resettlement, but also more flexible mechanisms for family reunification, including extended family members, labor mobility schemes, student visas and scholarships, as well as visas for medical reasons.”

This is something I hope you’re paying close attention to — especially with Obama hosting the United Nation’s global refugee summit in just a few days.

That’s why your IMMEDIATE action is so important.

Obama already rolled out the red carpet for Jihadists seeking to infiltrate the United States by drastically cutting down the vetting time for Syrian “refugees” making their way to American soil, from 18-24 months to just three months!

Make no mistake: neither members of Congress nor government officials have any real idea of who these refugees are.

As I’ve mentioned, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) already admitted these “refugees” are “not safe.”

One member of Congress even described Obama’s program as a “federally-funded Jihadist pipeline.”

Despite those concerns, Obama has vowed to force these so-called “refugees” into small towns and cities of at least 15 states that have already withdrawn from his resettlement scheme.

I’m worried this madness won’t stop until our country starts pulling severed heads off the streets and dead bodies out of the rubble.

So will you go on public record against the Obama-U.N. “refugee” scheme bysigning your No Terrorist Refugees Petition today?

Thanks to the help of good folks like you, the American Security Coalition has taken a leading role in beating back Obama’s “refugee” importation scheme.

But the stakes couldn’t be higher with Obama hosting the U.N.’s global refugee summit in just a few days. So there’s no time to waste.

After all, the last thing President Obama wants is for you and me to have time to mobilize American patriots like you to defeat this radical agenda.

Once Obama decides the time is ripe, this fight is going to move FAST.

Especially with members of BOTH parties, along with multi-million dollar lobbying organizations — some working directly with the United Nations — pushing for this massive INCREASE of refugees.

So if you and I are going to defeat the Obama-U.N. scheme to import potential radical Jihadists into America, we have to turn the heat up on Congress right now before it’s too late!

1. Do you believe any attempt by the United Nations to subvert or supersede American sovereignty and your Constitutional rights must be opposed?

2. Do you believe admitting potentially hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from terrorist-infested countries must be opposed?

If you said “Yes!” to these questions, please sign the petition the American Security Coalition has prepared for you.

With your help, the American Security Coalition will continue to expose the TRUTH behind this dangerous global scheme and turn up the heat on targeted members of Congress to stop Obama and the United Nations.

Direct mail. Phones. E-mail. Blogs. Guest editorials. Press conferences. Hard-hitting Internet, newspaper, radio and even TV ads if funding permits. The whole nine yards.

Of course, a program of this scale is only possible if I can raise the money.

But that’s not easy, and we may not have much time.

President Obama and his enablers in Congress have already imported the first 10,000 “refugees” ahead of schedule!

And they’re not going to stop unless you and I make them.

So along with your petition, please agree to make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or even just $35.

And every dollar counts in this fight, so even if you can only chip in $10 or $20, it will make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your time and money devoted to defending America’s sovereignty, culture, and values.


Ted Patterson
Executive Director

P.S. Obama and the United Nations are leading a global effort to resettle up to 480,000 Syrian “refugees” — without the approval of Congress and ZERO media coverage.

If we’re going to defeat the Obama-U.N. “refugee” importation scheme, you and I must turn up the heat now before it’s too late!

In fact, Obama is hosting the U.N.’s global refugee summit next week on Monday, September 19th!

Please sign your No Terrorist Refugees Petition and put yourself squarely on record against Obama’s U.N. plan to bring potential radical Jihadists onto American soil.

And if you can, please make a generous contribution to the American Security Coalition of $250, $150, $100 or even just $35 right away.

Every dollar counts in this fight, so even if you can only chip in $10 or $20, it will make a tremendous difference.


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