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October 16, 2014

Please mark October 16, 2014 on your calendars. For those of you who have school age children, October 16, 2014 is “Bring Your Bible to School Day”. Children across the US are being told by their teachers that they cannot bring or read their Bibles in school. This is totally incorrect. The US Supreme Court ruled that a child has every right to bring and read their Bibles at school. Focus on the Family has provided the following resuources for you:


  • Share with Students: Ask friends to join you in sharing this link,, with as many Christian students as possible, so they can sign up to participate and download the free student guide.
  • Share with Your Church: Share the guide with your church leaders. so they can let the youth in their congregation know about it, as well as to encourage them to participate. You can also direct church leaders to the “For Pastors”section on for additional information.

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