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How many times have you “borrowed” office supplies from your workplace and never returned or replaced them? You might have taken a pen or a pencil or a writing tablet home by accident and just forgot to return it. Or you might have actually gone to the supply cabinet and helped yourself to a couple of pens because there were a whole bunch of boxes of pens there and who would miss a couple. Imagine if all your co-workers did the same thing. Those boxes would soon disappear. Do you realize that when you do this you are stealing?

You did not buy the office supplies. The company’s owner bought them. If you work for a state, federal, or local government or office, the taxpayers bought those supplies. More importantly you are violating God’s commands. His eighth commandment is “Thou shall not steal.” Exodus 20:15.  You are also stealing from God because He owns it all. We must honor God in all we do and work as onto the Lord. Our real boss is God.

Therefore, if you have taken something from work or any other place for that matter, it is time to make restitution. Return or replace the item(s) you might have taken and never violate God’s commands again.

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