Plan and Pray

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.—Proverbs 16:9

Sometimes we walk through life randomly, expecting God to do everything. But there is God’s part, and there is our part. And often God works through the plans that we make.

In the life of Moses, we see the practical and the spiritual working hand in hand. Hebrews 11:23 tells us, “By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command.”

Moses’ mother, Jochebed, apparently knew that Pharaoh’s daughter would come down to a certain area of the river, and she also knew that once she laid her eyes on the beautiful little Moses, she might have mercy on him and perhaps take him into her home. So when they couldn’t hide Moses any longer, Jochebed laid him in the basket she prepared for him and set him afloat on the Nile.

Almost on cue, Moses cried. Then Pharaoh’s daughter found the gorgeous child and decided to adopt him.

Jochebed had a plan, but she also prayed. And sometimes when we see something blessed by God, we forget there was a plan.

When God directed Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah first went around the city multiple times and came up with a plan. He essentially said, “Here is what we all need to do together. So let’s do it—and pray as we do it.”

Sometimes we can be too mystical. Maybe a Christian is out of work, and he says, “I’m just praying for a job. I am just trusting God.”

That is fine. But he also needs to submit résumés or fill out job applications and then pray that God will guide.

There is a place for the practical as well as the spiritual.

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Bible Reading: Song of Solomon 1-4, Ephesians 6
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Used by permission from Harvest Ministries with Greg Laurie, PO Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514.

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