Planning is essential

“Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.” – Proverbs 16:3 (NASB)

Planning God’s Way
by Larry Burkett

Often Christians question whether they should do any planning. The question I’m often asked is, “Shouldn’t a Christian depend totally on God?” Yes, but that doesn’t mean
that we are to sit back and do nothing. Our faith requires action.

Planning is essential in any life but especially in the lives of Christians. God is an orderly provider and He expects us to have an attitude of doing our best in our everyday

Don’t try to develop plans with no flexibility. Remember that God’s wisdom may be exercised by redirecting our paths.

Patience and caution are necessary in any venture—particularly if it is a financial decision.

The Christian home should be characterized by orderliness and excellence. Neither is possible without good planning, and there are some steps to take.

Family discussions allow each member of the family to have an active part.

Written goals provide visible objectives toward which to work.

Any plans that are made should be compatible with God’s will. You should be able to find Scripture to back anything you plan to do.

Don’t make your decisions based on what anyone else is doing.

If you need counsel, be willing to ask for it. Many Christians are willing to help others but are never willing to ask for help themselves. That’s just ego. All of us need counsel and

Pray together about every decision. Prayer brings God directly into our lives and strengthens our faith so we can trust Him in even greater things.

Daily Scripture Reading:
1 Thessalonians

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