Recommended Expense Percentages

Below is a list of the recommended expense percentages for your monthly expenses. Try to stick to the lower end of the recommended range. This way, you will live below your means but still cover your needs.  Compare the percentage to what you are actually spending. If you have a very high income or a very low income, you might need to adjust the percentages. For example, if you have a very low income, then 15% of your income for food might be too high, especially if you are a single person. These are recommendations. Use your own discretion.

Also, if you find that you are spending way too much in one category, then you need to adjust your lifestyle in that area or cutback in another category to cover that other category.

Category                                                        Recommended %

Tithe & Charitable Gifts                                         10-15%
Savings                                                                           5-10%
Housing                                                                         25-35%
Utilities                                                                           5-10%
Food                                                                                 5-15%
Transportation                                                          10-15%
Clothing                                                                           2-7%
Medical/Health                                                            5-10%
Personal                                                                          5-10%
Recreation                                                                     5-10%
Debts                                                                                5-10%



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