Relative pay

Laban said to him, “You shouldn’t have to work without pay, just because you are a relative of mine. What do you want me to give you?” Genesis 29:15

When you have a relative working for you, do you sometimes take advantage of them because they are your relative? Are you in the habit of asking them to do more for you than another of your workers just because they’re related to you? Do you pay them for the extra work you’re asking them to do? If you don’t pay them, why not? They did the work. They earned the pay.

Remember that God is looking at everything we do. He knows if we are being abusive to our relatives. Yes, I did say,”Abusive”. You are being abusive when you expect your relative to work harder or do more than your other workers because they are related to you. Look at Laban. He told Jacob that he shouldn’t have to work without pay. The same holds true for your relatives. Pay for the work they do for you. Otherwise, don’t ask them to do the work. They don’t owe you for being related to you.



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