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Why do I think we should support Kurt Cameron? Kurt Cameron expressed a bibilical view regarding homosexuals. He is being lamblasted for his statement. He is a Christian and our country has freedom of speech. I am tired of Christians being denounced for expressing their Christian views that are based on the Bible. People seem to have forgotten that our country was founded on Judeo Christian principles and that our Founding Fathers were Christian.

I am tired of shows that devalue Christian values. Why is this minority forcing themselves on the majority? In California, the overall population declared marriage to be between one man and one woman. Yet, a homosexual judge throws it out. When did the judiciary get the power to legislate from the bench? The making of our country’s law is done by Congress. Also, the majority of the population rules in this nation not the minority.

Kurt Cameron should be supported by all Christians. Christians need to stand-up and make their voices heard. Look at what’s happening to this nation and take a stand. Go to places that are running the story and post comments supporting Kurt. Go to his web site.

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