Handle the money

Wonderful, now you’re married! Who is going to handle the money? Who is going to pay the bills? Usually, couples decide that the one who likes math will handle the family finances. This is a great decision you think. It makes perfect sense to the two of you. Let me tell you, you could not […]

The Ostrich Syndrome

I’m sure you all have heard that the ostrich will bury its head in the sand when it senses danger. Because he cannot see any danger, he feels safe. However, little does he realize that his whole body is exposed to the danger. What a dumb animal we might say. However, before we judge the […]

When darkness comes

When darkness comes and despair feels your heart because you’ve no money left and your bills remain unpaid and debt is mounting, what will you do?  Will you bury your head in sand and ignore the debt? Will you let darkness continue to sweep in and envelope you? Will you surrender and give up hope? […]

Organize your bills with Manilla

Makes the Debt Snowball m-u-c-h easier to track! Recommended by Dave Ramsey on a recent radio show. Use Manilla to manage your finances and accounts in one place, organize and simplify your  life, and GET IT TOGETHER. Try it today – it’s always FREE. Introducing Manilla Get your bills, statements and balances instantly organized in […]

Drawing the line

MRHerrera Financial Ministry Drawing the Line Drawing the Line Drawing the line means that when you prepare your budget, spending plan, cash flow plan (whatever name you choose to call it), you need to start with your gross income, give your tithe, pay your taxes, and then cover housing, food, clothing, transportation and utilities. Then, […]

Payoff debt by making the minimum payments

Do you know how long it is going to take you  to payoff your consumer debt if all you pay is the minimum required? It all depends on the amount of debt you have. Let’s figure out how long it will take you to payoff debt by making the minimum payments. First, you need to […]

How much can I afford?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much can I afford to spend?” Let’s say you want to buy a new appliance or maybe a new game or game console or whatever. You have money in liquid savings for your six to eight months living expenses. (Note – Liquid savings is money that you have in […]

Is it a good time to buy a home?

Some of you are asking yourselves, “Is it a good time to buy a home?” The answer depends on whether you can afford it. Yes, housing prices are down. There is a glut of foreclosures, new homes, and home resales. The prices are low, so you think maybe I should take the plunge and stop […]