I was reading a book, Money: God or Gift, by Jamie Munson. In the book, he talks about five different approaches to budgeting. The Ignorance Is Bliss Plan The Parent Bailout Plan The Credit Card Plan The Hand-to-Mouth Plan The Real Plan The first plan is based upon you going to your ATM and checking […]

How to achieve financial freedom

In order to gain control of your finances and achieve financial freedom there are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that you want to keep in mind: Do Make a spending plan. Use cash. Cut-up your credit cards. Figure out how much you owe, the interest rate you owe, and your minimum payments. Organize your debt by […]

Black Friday Blues

How many of you took advantage of all the wonderful Black Friday sales, the three days of Thanksgiving sales or Cyber Monday sales? If so are you feeling the Black Friday Blues? What exactly are the Black Friday Blues? They are the realization that you have goofed big time and have either gotten yourself back […]

Is an allowance welfare?

I bet you never thought of your children’s allowance as welfare. Think about it welfare gives you money when you don’t work, so does an allowance. In the US it’s common practice to  give our children money as an allowance. You might be saying,” What’s wrong with that? I love my children, a few dollars […]

Health and Finances affect work productivity

Did you know that if you have financial concerns it will affect your work productivity? According to the June 2010 issue of Benefits Selling magazine, 65% of employees who are in poor or fair health are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Thirty-four percent who are in good health are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Forty-three percent of those who are in […]

Don’t be a statistic

What do I mean by, “Don’t be a statistic”. The answer is that in the U.S. today 56% of marriages end in divorce because of money problems. Also, 40% of Americans find it hard to come up with $1,000. Do these statistics alarm you? They do me. America is one of the most prosperous nations […]