Money Envelope Template

If you want a money envelope template to use so you can keep track of your cash and spending, here is a free template. The template was created by Tracie at the Penny Pinchin Mom. The template is based off the envelopes sold by Dave Ramsey. The refills from Dave Ramsey cost $4.95 plus either $4.95 or $6.95 […]

Tracking Your Expenses

As I counsel people in becoming debt-free and in teaching them how to handle money the way God intended, I’m often met with resistance when it comes to tracking your expenses. People do not want to take the few extra seconds it takes to write-down what they just purchased or the bill they paid. To […]

How to Boost Your Cash Reserve

Are you financially fragile? Would you be able to come up with, say $2,000, if you suddenly had to repair your car or fix a leaky roof? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Nearly half of Americans say they’d more than likely have a hard time coming up with a couple thousand dollars for […]