Teach your kids how to save

Children emulate their parents. We are their first heroes and they will do what they see us do. If we are wasteful with money, they too will be wasteful. However, if we give, save, and spend less than we make, so will our children. Do not get your children used to an allowance. An allowance only instills […]

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending (P2PL), do you know exactly what that is? Until today, I must admit that I had never heard of it. Yes, I have heard of peer-to-peer sharing, which in my mind, for the most part is the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. Anyway back to P2PL, what I found was that […]

Fraud Alert vs. Credit Freeze

Fraud Alert vs. Credit Freeze By Kimberly Lankford, Contributing Editor, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Both of these allow you to protect your personal information, but one is more foolproof. What is the difference between a credit freeze and a fraud alert? Who should take these steps? You can place an initial fraud alert on your credit […]

What is a FICO score?

What is FICO? FICO stands for Fair Isaacs Corporation. In 1989, the Fair Isaacs Corporation and Equifax developed the score. To calculate your score, the system awards points for each factor that can help predict the likelihood of a person repaying debts on time. These points are totaled to generate your credit score. The score […]