Money Apps

Money Apps

If you have been reading the posts on this site for awhile, you know the importance of having and sticking to a money blueprint, budget, cash flow plan, or spending plan. Technology is ever evolving and with it are money apps that will help you achieve financial freedom. The following money apps will help you:

Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche

You’ve heard of Debt Snowball and/or Debt Avalanche. You might be wondering what’s the difference between them. You might also be wondering if one is better than the other. Let’s compare Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche. DEBT SNOWBALL When you use the Debt Snowball, you list all of your starting with the lowest balance of […]

No credit card debt in 21 months

You can have no credit card debt in 21 months. If you have a strong FICO score, you should look into applying for a Citi Similipcity Card. This card offers 21 months of no interest payments on balance transfers or new purchases. This means that you could either pay off your credit card debt or […]

Blast the debt

Unpaid credit card can rapidly become expensive and reach a point of ludicrously expensive. You need to blast the debt!. The majority of interest rates charged on credit cards is tied to the Federal Funds rate controlled by the Federal Reserve (Fed). Thus, it can go up or it can go down. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau […]

Christmas 2015 and Debt

Christmas 2015 is just around the corner and with it, if you are not careful, is debt. Many of you might have failed to plan ahead and saved for Christmas. You decided that a Money Blueprint (Spending Plan, Budget) was just not for you. You might have created a Money Blueprint, but failed to adhere […]

Debt Rules

These debt rules apply figuring out which debts to pay first. Top Priorities: Always pay for your family’s needs first. This include food and unavoidable medical expenses, co-pays and medicine. It does not include old medical bills. Pay housing related expenses, such as rent and mortgage. If you don’t use an escrow account to pay your taxes […]

Financial Recovery

Keep doing a budget Rebuild your savings – having savings protects you from financial problems that may arise. If you postponed home repairs or maintenance or other necessities, you need to evaluate them to see if they need to now be new priorities. If you cut back in areas, such as auto maintenance, does it […]

Secure Debt vs. Unsecured Debt

Knowing the difference between Secure Debt vs. Unsecured Debt is critical when you need to get out-of-debt. Secure Debt is debt which has collateral pledged against the debt. For example, when you take out a mortgage on your home, you are using your home as collateral for the debt. In the event you are unable […]

Financial mistakes

We are starting out a new year and want to avoid financial mistakes. Here are some financial mistakes you need to ensure that you do not want to do: Too much student loan debt: When you take on too much student loan debt, you are going to have a heck of a time paying it off. […]