Emergency Fund and COVID-19


If you have been putting money away in an Emergency Fund and now are laid-off due to COVID-19, you are going to get through the financial emergency.

Free financial software for small businesses

Track your expenses, send invoices, get paid and balance your books with Wave. Look professional and get paid Create and send professional invoices, estimates and receipts in seconds. Track the status of your invoices and payments so you can know when to expect money in your bank account. Revolutionary Pricing We could charge 20 bucks […]

The Main Five

The main five numbers you need to know are: Monthly Income Monthly Expenses Net Worth Debt- to-Income Ration Invested income When you know these numbers, you know money. Many people go to work each day and don’t have a clue as to what they earn month;y. Do you know your gross monthly income and your […]


Are you budget percentages out-of-whack? Do your expenses look something like this: Expenses  % Credit cards 44% Housing 28% Food 15% Utilities 15% Transportation 15% Other 10% 127% When in fact they should look like this: Category  Recommended % Tithe & Charitable Gifts 10-15% Savings 5-10% Housing 25-35% Utilities 5-10% Food 5-15% Transportation 10-15% Clothing […]

Tracking Your Expenses

As I counsel people in becoming debt-free and in teaching them how to handle money the way God intended, I’m often met with resistance when it comes to tracking your expenses. People do not want to take the few extra seconds it takes to write-down what they just purchased or the bill they paid. To […]


Have you had a moneymare or maybe you’re currently having moneymares? What in the world is a moneymare you might ask? A moneymare is a nightmare about money or about your financial situation. When you have debt  or rather more debt than you can handle, you might experience moneymares. You wake-up anxious and worried that […]