Investment accounts

Keeping your money in investment accounts is the key for long-term planning. The stock market will go up and it will go down. If stocks drop at least 10% but less than 20% this called a market correction. When investment accounts decline 20% or more, this is called a full-on bear market. The stock market will […]

The Main Five

The main five numbers you need to know are: Monthly Income Monthly Expenses Net Worth Debt- to-Income Ration Invested income When you know these numbers, you know money. Many people go to work each day and don’t have a clue as to what they earn month;y. Do you know your gross monthly income and your […]

Wise money moves

Here are some wise money moves for you to make: Tithe and donate money to others. God will provide for your needs. Make sure you get a will and a living revocable trust done before the year is out. Make sure you get a good term-life insurance policy. If you have universal, whole life, or […]

You should never

There are some financial things you should never do. They are: You should never co-sign a loan, not even for a relative or a best friend. You should never live above your means. You should never spend more than you make. You should never use credit cards to cover your shortfalls. You should never carry […]

Are you living for today?

What do I mean by the question, “Are you living for today?” It’s quite simple really. What I am asking is if you are living only in the present financially and forgetting about your financial future. You simply cannot afford to ignore your future. Don’t make financial decisions today that will affect your tomorrows. Let’s […]

God & Investing

Do you think that God wants you to invest? Yes, He does. God understands that there is a risk when the assets He

Short-term gain vs. Long-term gain

Do you know the difference between short-term gains vs long-terms gains? A short-term gain means that you purchased and sold the stock within one year. A long-term gain means you bought the stock and held it for more than a year before selling it. Let’s say that in March 2010 you bought 100 shares of […]

Can you really get rich quickly?

Can You Really Get Rich Quickly?

How many of you wish you were rich? Do you wish you didn’t have to worry about money? Are you intrigued or worse yet seduced by those ads that promise you to show you how to get rich quickly? This ads promise to send free information about how to get rich quick. Have you requested […]