Handle the money

Wonderful, now you’re married! Who is going to handle the money? Who is going to pay the bills? Usually, couples decide that the one who likes math will handle the…

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The Seven Money Types

In reading one of my devotionals today from Faith Gateway, I decided to take the quiz and figure out which was my money type. If you go to Tommy Brown.org,…

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Found Money

Alright, there really is no found money, per se. However, if you are getting a tax refund from the IRS or your state taxing authority, you can certainly think of…

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There is a great post from The Money Habit, on 401k's. The article is titled, "Everything You Wanted To Know About 401ks – Choosing A Fund, Reading a Prospectus, and…

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Financial Priorities

In our lives, we all have certain financial priorities. These financial priorities will not remain the same throughout our lifetimes. When we first start out as college students we have…

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