Money Apps

Money Apps

If you have been reading the posts on this site for awhile, you know the importance of having and sticking to a money blueprint, budget, cash flow plan, or spending plan. Technology is ever evolving and with it are money apps that will help you achieve financial freedom. The following money apps will help you:


I was reading a book, Money: God or Gift, by Jamie Munson. In the book, he talks about five different approaches to budgeting. The Ignorance Is Bliss Plan The Parent Bailout Plan The Credit Card Plan The Hand-to-Mouth Plan The Real Plan The first plan is based upon you going to your ATM and checking […]

Christmas 2015 and Debt

Christmas 2015 is just around the corner and with it, if you are not careful, is debt. Many of you might have failed to plan ahead and saved for Christmas. You decided that a Money Blueprint (Spending Plan, Budget) was just not for you. You might have created a Money Blueprint, but failed to adhere […]