How to retire with $80,000

Retire on $80K

The financial industry is full of people trying to scare you into saving more and more. The truth is we don’t need millions to retire.

Can YOU Afford Retirement?

Can you afford retirement

Can you afford to retire? In this video I will explain exactly what the 4% rule is. The 4% rule is also commonly known as the safe withdrawal rate.

Money in Retirement

Money in Retirement

Saving too little for retirement is a major fear of most Americans, and studies have shown that more Americans fear insufficient retirement savings than fear death.

50 And Nothing Saved For Retirement: What To Do, Where To Start

A plan of action for those who are approaching retirement age with little saved. I get some really interesting reader mail through the Contact page. By far the most common question I get is a variant of the below: I’m 53 years old and through a combination of unforeseen medical expenses/helping ailing parents/life kicking me […]

Retirement mistakes

In order for you to have a successful retirement, you need to avoid making the following mistakes: Emotion. Do not make your financial decisions based on how you feel. Feelings are great for expressing emotion, but are a disaster in financial planning. Giving into fear or conversely, greed will destroy your retirement fund. When you are investing […]