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Money in Retirement

Money in Retirement
Saving too little for retirement is a major fear of most Americans, and studies have shown that more Americans fear insufficient retirement savings than fear death.

529 Plans

You can invest in a  529 plans for your children, grandchildren, and even yourself. They  are an excellent tax-advantaged way to invest money for college education.  The tax advantages are usually a deduction from your state taxes.

Fast way to $1 million

The fast way to $1 million is by saving. You have to start saving now. Grant from Millennial Money, tells us in this article how he went from $2.26 to over a $1 million. He did it by saving each day.…

You’re never too old

You’re never too old to save. Today, I read an article about a woman who at the age 50 realized she needed to make a change. At that point in her life, she had $20,000 in medical bills and an…

Seven Steps to Financial Freedom

If you take these seven steps to financial freedom, you will achieve financial freedom. The key is to do the steps and become committed to doing them. Also, if you are married both of you must become committed to doing…

What’s money for

How would you complete this question,”What’s money for…?” Some would say, “What’s money for if not to spend?” Others might say, “What’s money for if not to save?” However you complete this question describes your attitude about money and debt.…

Your O-line

Your O-line is your offensive line in football. These players protect the quarterback. They make a path for the running back, receivers, and tight-ends. Teams want to have big strong and fast offensive linemen to “battle” the other team’s defensive…

The joy of a used car

We all like new, shiny cars. The smell of a new car is great. However, there is the joy of a used car. Granted, a used car does not have that new car smell nor is it shiny. The odometer…