4 Things You Can Do to Make Sound Financial Decisions in Financially Lean Times

Many people have saving and investing problems. They are looking for simple solutions to saving and investing. While many people are fantastic spenders and they are not great investors. Why is it that we don’t seem to be able to save more and spend less? The reason is that we lack an understanding. We know we need to save. Start with a $1,000 in an Emergency Fund.

Using cable TV to save money

Some of you might think that using cable TV to save money is not accurate. However, you need to understand that this means you are to take the money you are spending on your monthly cable TV bill and save it. Cable TV prices have risen 30% in the past five years. How much do […]


What is NSI and how does it figure into your spending plan/cash flow plan/budget? NSI stands for Net Spendable Income. Your NSI is the income you have left to cover all of your monthly expenses. To arrive at your NSI, you start with Gross Income and  subtract: Federal Taxes State Taxes FICA Medicare (Note: Some […]

Emergency Fund

I am sure you’ve heard the term Emergency Fund before.  What is an Emergency Fund? Who should have it? When do you start it? Where should you save  it? Why do you need it? How do you start it? These are the questions that I am going to address today. What is an Emergency Fund? An Emergency Fund (EF) […]

When should you start to save?

      I have been asked when should you start to save. My reply is very simple. You need to start saving when you starting receiving any type of money. Does this mean your children should be saving? If they are receiving money from you for doing chores around the house, such as picking […]

More debt than savings

Americans are accumulating more debt than savings. In fact, debt is growing faster than retirement savings. People between the ages of 50 to 65 have only about two years worth of savings for their retirement.

Money/Debt Fool

A money/debt fool is someone who has some of the following characteristics: Lives paycheck-to-paycheck; Does not save for retirement; Does not have any emergency savings; Uses credit cards to pay for any emergencies; Has maxed out his/her credit cards; Does not want to or is afraid to open his monthly bills; Does not have a […]

Are you too old to save for retirement?

  Many people who are in their early 50’s might have been unable or even unwillingly to save for their retirement. Now they are wondering if they are too old to save for retirement. Liz Weston from MSN Money addressed this very issue in this article. Dear Liz: I’m 52 years old and have been […]

Questions to ponder

Today, I decided to post some questions for you to consider and answer truthfully. Write down your answers to them and reflect upon the answers. If you are married, both of you should answer the questions separately. Then, get together and compare your answers. If your answers are vastly different, find out why your spouse […]