New budget forms

The Monthly Budget form is now titled Money Blueprint. You can get it from the Resources page. I also created a Bank Reconciliation form. You can get it from the Resources page. The forms automatically show you how much should go into your envelopes.

Where the money is going to come from

Do you ever wonder where the money is going to come from when you’ve reached the end of your money and you still have needs to meet? The answer is from God. God tells us He will provide for our needs. Read the following verses: “Therefore do not worry, saying, ; What will we eat?’ […]

How to achieve financial freedom

In order to gain control of your finances and achieve financial freedom there are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that you want to keep in mind: Do Make a spending plan. Use cash. Cut-up your credit cards. Figure out how much you owe, the interest rate you owe, and your minimum payments. Organize your debt by […]

Are you on your way to being deep-in-debt?

Are you single and on your way to being deep-in-debt? Let’s take a look at a few questions and see if you qualify for this dubious distinction. Do you eat most of your meals out every day of the week? Do you buy coffee, snacks, etc. every time you gas up or on your way […]

How to create a spending plan

              To create a spending plan does not mean you are limiting yourself. It means you are taking control of the money God has entrusted to you. You are telling the money where to go instead of wondering where it went. ACKNOWLEDGE GOD’S OWNERSHIP The first and foremost thing […]

Instant Gratification

We in American live in a culture today of instant gratification. We have instant coffee, fast food, quick marts, fast pay, etc. Worst of all is the fact that we are able to use credit cards to satisfy our wants and desires. By using plastic we can get instant gratification. We don’t have to wait […]

Running a marathon

Getting out of debt is like running a marathon. Why? Well, a marathon is not a quick sprint. It involves a long, long run through arduous conditions. You can’t start out at full speed because if you do, you’ll give out long before the finish line. Getting out of debt is exactly like the marathon. It […]

Drawing the line

MRHerrera Financial Ministry Drawing the Line Drawing the Line Drawing the line means that when you prepare your budget, spending plan, cash flow plan (whatever name you choose to call it), you need to start with your gross income, give your tithe, pay your taxes, and then cover housing, food, clothing, transportation and utilities. Then, […]

Debt fatigue

Have you heard of debt fatigue? Debt fatigue occurs when you have been debt for so long that you are simply worn-out. You have lost all hope of getting out from under the mountain of debt. You have become so overwhelmed with your debt that you feel you’ll never be debt-free. So instead of buckling […]