Effortlessly Get Rid Of Student Loans

If you are one of the thousands of recent college graduates you could be facing a mountain of student loan debt that you have no idea how to pay off. A decision on how to get rid of your student loans should be made before you graduate but if you are like most college seniors, thinking about paying off student loan debt is the furthest thing from your mind.

Combining your student loans

Combining your student loans does not refer to consolidating multiple students into one. What I am talking about is when two people marry and they combine their debt. They decide, well we are married and all of debt should be united also. Don’t combine your student loan debt with your spouse’s student loan debt. Worse, […]

Your retirement, not their college

As you go on about life, you need to think about your retirement, not their college. Your retirement is your responsibility. You only get one shot at funding it. Why? Because you won’t be able to work your entire lifetime. Old age, and possibly illness will force you to retire. If you have not saved […]

A new way

There’s a new way to handle your student loans. There’s a company called SoFi who offers better rates for student loans, home mortgages, and personal loans. Some of you might have a ton of high interest rate student loans. You need to refinance these to lower interest rate loans. According to SoFi’s web site, Make […]


Can you believe the amount of debt the average US citizen has accumulated?

Refinancing College Loans

For many college graduates, college loans are a terrible burden. Refinancing college loans into loans with affordable rates is next to impossible. However, SoFi founder and CEO Mike Cagney has created a wonderful solution to this problem. SoFi is a social lending platform that brings together student loan borrowers, alumni and institutional investors. What makes it unique […]

Student loan debt

College is starting soon for many of you. With it some of you will undoubtedly incur student loan debt. There is a free ebook, Student Loan Debt, which you can get to help you with your student loan debt. You can obtain this book from Student Loan Debt – Getting in Smart, Getting out Painlessly. I have not […]

Student Loans

High school juniors and seniors are getting ready for college. Some of you might qualify for scholarships, while others think they’ll have to take out student loans. Before you take out student loans, you need to make sure that upon graduation from college you will be able to get a job that allows you to […]