I sure do hate having to prepare taxes! It takes me quite awhile to do them. I use Turbo Tax, which by the way is a great program.

Why don’t our lawmakers realize what a crappy system we currently have and do away with this annual filing of tax returns?


Free Income Tax Preparation & Filing Options 2016

Tax season is upon us. Here are free income tax preparation & filing options: IRS – Free File is the IRS’ free tax preparation service for almost everyone. Free File does the hard work for you, either through brand-name software or online fillable forms. Give it a try! The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax…


Should you prepare your own taxes?

Should you prepare your own taxes instead of paying someone else to prepare them? Personally, I think you should prepare them yourself. The IRS allows you to prepare your returns on their site for free provided you meet their income requirement. This year, Turbo Tax is also allowing you to prepare your Federal Income tax…