Teach your kids how to save

Children emulate their parents. We are their first heroes and they will do what they see us do. If we are wasteful with money, they too will be wasteful. However, if we give, save, and spend less than we make, so will our children. Do not get your children used to an allowance. An allowance only instills […]

26 Tips to Save on Entertainment

By Dan Schointuch Saving on entertainment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun. Find out how you can get the most from your down-time with these tips to save. If your goal is to destroy debt or build savings, you’re going to need to find extra money in your current budget. I’ve recently shown you 28 Tips […]

Ways to save some money

Right now, many are searching for ways to save some money. A few things that people often overlook are items such as impulse purchases. For example, if you go to the grocery store without a list, you are more apt to fall victim to store displays and purchase items on impulse. If you make a […]

Couple Honored for Paying Off $92,000 Credit Card Debt

Michigan Couple Honored for Paying Off $92,000 Credit Card Debt by Connie Prater Thursday, September 22, 2011 Two daughters’ weddings, a new transmission, a new roof and one big secret The National Foundation for Credit Counseling has honored Jerry and Sue Bailey for their dedication and sacrifice over more than five years that resulted in […]

Sharing a story

For those of you who are seeing some of their darkest hours because of their current financial crisis, I want you to read an article by Todd Temple and his journey out of debt. His personal journey should offer you encouragement, hope, and maybe a means to climb out of the mountain of debt. Due […]

To spend or not to spend?

Our Congress continues to debate raising our Nation’s debt ceiling. The President only wants to spend money and raise taxes. It’s time that the American people stood up and said, “ENOUGH!” Stop spending our children’s future. Our nation is financially bankrupt. Yet, the President, the Democrats, the Liberals, and some Republicans still want to spend […]