February 25, 2011


I sure do hate having to prepare taxes!  It takes me quite awhile to do them. I use Turbo Tax, which by the way is a great program.

Why don’t our lawmakers realize what a crappy system we currently have and do away with this annual filing of tax returns? The government could run on a flat national sales tax. We would not have to spend countless hours digging up our expenditures and trying to make sure we have received all of our Forms – 1099’s, W-2’s, and whatever other forms we need.

We would not have to save medical, prescription, donation receipts, etc. and clutter our homes with tons of paper.  What a joy it would be if this were the case. Think of the money small and large business would save by not having to keep track of the payroll taxes. WAKE UP lawmakers and do the American public a great service and institute a national sales tax. We would most likely have more money in the US coffers than we do now because even those who currently earn income illegally would be taxed. Every time they spent money, they would pay. Maybe food and medicine could be excluded.

I do have my program for this year but I do not want to sit down and do it.  I know I have to give up several hours to prepare it. The bottom line is I hate this time of year!



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