The Keurig

I, like many Americans, love coffee. I have a great coffeemaker that does not have a carafe. I also have a Senseo coffeemaker to make my one cup of coffee. However, finding the pods locally has proved impossible. I saw the Keurig and decided I wanted it. Did I need it? NO, I had two perfectly good working coffeemakers. I just wanted the other. My justification was that I couldn’t find the pods for my Senseo and making a lot of coffee was too much coffee to drink. Yes, my coffeemaker can make anywhere from two cups to ten cups. So basically, I had a lame excuse for buying the Keurig.

I found it on sale and bought it in cash. The first thing that I found was the coffee I had was too fine to work properly with the reusable cups. Oh, I forgot to mention, that I had bitter coffee, which is the kind they sell for the Keurig in the pre-made cups. I bought the refillable cups. The Keurig does not work too well with the fine grounded coffee and the reusable cups. Today, I went back to my old coffeemaker not the Senseo, but the carafeless one.

The reason I am writing about this is because many of us justify our wants with lame excuses. We buy items that we really don’t need with “money” we don’t have. Before we buy any of our wants, we need to evaluate what we already have and most importantly figure out if we have money to pay for it. You don’t want to settle yourself with more debt by buying items you don’t need just because you want them. Think of my Keurig example next time you have a “want”.


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