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The main obstacle

If you were asked, “What is the biggest obstacle to you getting out debt?”, what would be your answer? Several of you might say, “I don’t make enough money.” Others might say, “My spouse spends all the money.” Some of you who are divorced might say, “All of my money goes to pay alimony and child support.”

While all these answers seem valid, they are not correct. The main obstacle to you being debt-free is…you. Yes, you read that correctly. You, you need to accept responsibility for the debt that you are in. If you are married, it’s both of you that are the obstacle.

You were the one who used student loans, charged items on the credit cards, bought a home you could not afford, leased a car, or purchased a car you could not afford. You never took the time to tell your money where to go instead of wondering what had happened to it. You never set-up a budget/spending plan/cash flow plan. You never figured out how long it was going to take you to payoff your credit card debt and other consumer debt. You went for instant gratification instead of saving.

However, it is never too late to start being responsible and being the biggest obstacle. Start today by applying God’s principles to getting out of debt. Read some of the articles posted within this website or watch some of videos posted in this site to help you achieve financial freedom. It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy. However, it will change your life and the life of your children.


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